[Lazarus] New debugger for Mac based on lldb (Call for testers)

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sun Oct 14 21:09:14 CEST 2018

With the Lazarus Release Candidate 1 for 2.0 a new debugger for Mac 
users has been shipped.
It is based on LLDB, which is provided by apple and is ready to use. So 
there should no longer be a need to build and codesign gdb.

As the LLDB integration is all new, it needs a lot of testing. So this 
is a ...

       call to all Mac users:
       Please test the new LLDB based Lazarus debugger.

To test the new debugger, please download the Lazarus 2.0RC1.

- Open the IDE and install the package "LazDebuggerFpLLdb".
   It should be in the list of available packages, but if not it is in 
   Make sure to use the one with "Fp" in the name. (There also is 
LazDebuggerLLdb, but it is not as good.)
   Restart the IDE.

- Go to Tools > Options > Debugger
   In the "debugger type" dropdown, you should find and select "LLDB 
debugger (with fpdebug)"
   The edit below this (where you normally have the path to gdb), should 
be changed to the path of lldb.
   (lldb comes with the tools from apple; and as such it is already 
codesigned by apple).

To report any problems:
Start Lazarus from a shell with the following command line (replace 
pathes according to your installation):

You may need to use startlazarus, or specify the re-build lazarus which 
may be in your home folder / pcp.


Attach the log file after reproducing the error.

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