[Lazarus] New debugger for Mac based on lldb (Call for testers)

C Western l at c-m-w.me.uk
Tue Oct 16 23:23:33 CEST 2018

On 14/10/2018 20:09, Martin Frb via Lazarus wrote:
> - Go to Tools > Options > Debugger
>   In the "debugger type" dropdown, you should find and select "LLDB 
> debugger (with fpdebug)"
>   The edit below this (where you normally have the path to gdb), 
> should be changed to the path of lldb.
>   (lldb comes with the tools from apple; and as such it is already 
> codesigned by apple).
Did you mean the option "(with fpdebug)"? Trying with this option 
lazarus throws an exception trying to open a .o file that exists - I 
can't immediately see why it is throwing the exception. It doesn't seem 
to reach the stage of starting the program. If I try it without, the 
debugger seems to be working OK, at least at first glance.


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