[Lazarus] The future of the Lazarus IDE

Marco van de Voort fpc at pascalprogramming.org
Sun Nov 24 12:19:30 CET 2019

Op 2019-11-24 om 11:35 schreef Florian Klämpfl via lazarus:
>>> What really scares us is that all the mainstream OSes are becoming 
>>> so Web and mobile centric - the way M$ is rumbling I seriously 
>>> wonder if and how they’ll support any native development in the not 
>>> too distant future. Lazarus, with it’s native abilities for Linux, 
>>> gives us a clear path out should M$ abandon manufacturing and the 
>>> desktop in general - and we are most appreciative!
>> We are also using Lazarus for hardware related stuff with no help at
>> all from the web!
> I think this is *the* main advantage of FPC/Lazarus: you can use it 
> for almost every type of application on any platform (sorry C64 users, 
> we do not have a solution ... yet ;)).
No. More importantly it gives independence. Something that external 
tools don't give. If they wither or change direction, or do the umpteen 
API change you have an immediate problem and risk getting caught in an 
infinite catch-up

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