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Sun Sep 5 20:57:14 CEST 2021

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> I ve seen it. I am really rather busy ...

No worries, I do realise there are a lot of changes to work through.

> I had a look at the first 2 or 3 commits some weeks ago.
> From what I recall
> 1) adding to the IDE options. Looks that then every user using fpdebug,
> will see options for host/port?
> While really convenient for avr users, rather confusing for others?

I am starting to agree with this view. There are quite a few extra remote
options that should eventually be implemented, so the IDE options will
become more busy.  My simplistic view is that a new remote Lazarus debugger
will inherit just about all its core functionality from the existing
FpDebugDebugger, with added remote config options.

2) global vars (iirc for host/port)
> That is due to the lack of config that can be passed in....
> FpDebug (package) can not see the IDE conf. FpDebug should have minimum
> package depenencies.
> It needs its own conf that can be passed....
> I have some ideas there, ....

Will gladly await your ideas.  This can wait, it is just a bad practise on
my side currently, but workable.

> ---------
> The rest I have not yet looked at, sorry.

No problem, as long as it is still on your radar!
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