[Lazarus] Lazarus Release 2.2.6

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 14:42:18 CEST 2023

On Thu, 16 Mar 2023 20:48:29 +0100, Giuliano Colla via lazarus
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>Il 16/03/2023 18:46, Bo Berglund via lazarus ha scritto:
>> I have a number of Lazarus releases installed where 3.0.4 is the fpc used.
>> So they all used the same and there was no problem.
>> (This is on Ubuntu Linux 22.04 btw and I install everything from sources)
>I have a similar problem, needing to give assistance to customers with 
>different Lazarus versions.
>It's very annoying to maintain a program developed with an older 
>version, and to make a minor correction, to be obliged to update a lot 
>of other things which have been deprecated in the time between.
>My solution has been to use fpcupdeluxe. It provides a fully self 
>contained set of Lazarus + fpc, which doesn't clash with anything else. 
>Both Lazarus config and all of fpc config are contained in a specific 
>folder, Lazarus launch icons on the screen are named from the folder you 
>decided to use for that version, and you can have as many as you have 
>space on your disk. Currently I have 7 different Lazarus/fpc sets to 
>select from, from a Lazarus 1.6 to a Lazarus 2.2.6, plus a couple of 
>Lazarus Trunk (one using trunk fpc, the other using stable fpc). Give it 
>a try. It will not disturb anything of your current installations.
>It takes a minimum to understand how it works, but then it's a paradise.

Thanks for your input!
On Windows I have been using the installer for Lazarus which can be downloaded
from SourceForge and this isolates the Lazarus and Fpc into its own "sandbox"
such that these probnlems do not appear.

My real problems are occurring on Linux...
Since there is no good installers to find I have created my own shellscript to
install from sources (Lazarus and Fpc separately). And on Linux I do not want
anything done as root and installed outside of $HOME so my script makes sure
everything is located within $HOME.
But there I have the interference problem between the Fpc versions...

Regarding fpcupdeluxe, I have now tried it on Windows and after a bit of
trial-and-error I have got the knack of how it works for a couple of Lazarus
installs of different versions etc.
Seems that the result is kept inside an isolated sandbox more or less like the
SF install exe does for Lazarus and Fpc.

But the advantage here is that with fpcupdeluxe one can modify the installation
after it has been installed, which is very good.

I do not yet understand how to get cross-compile installed properly though...
(I would like to be able to build for RaspberryPi4 (and 3) on my Windows PC if
possible. RPi uses ARM cpu of course...

Anyway, a question for you:

Is it possible to use fpcupdeluxe on the following Linux platforms and if so how
is it done there?
- Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS (using AMD CPU)
- Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (using AMD CPU)
- RaspberryPi4 with Raspbian Buster and Bullseye (ARM CPU)
  I can attach to these RPi devices using VNC and PuTTY

And thanks for bringing up fpcupdeluxe, I had a look 3-4 years back and did not
then really get the advantage.

fpcupdeluxe shows as candidates for install Lazarus 2.3.0 and Fpc 3.2.4 both of
which releases seem not to exist yet...

What is the deal here?

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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